We launched in 2021 with the goal of becoming a valuable source of information for anyone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We want people to get a great understanding of this new technology and what it has to offer the world. 

Blockchain itself is not an obscure way to pay for things, in fact it is a new, secure way of working with information that could change the way we manage money, medical data, food security, travel documents, criminal records, voting and so on. It really has the potential to do amazing things, and we want to share those possibilities with the world.

Initially, our focus has been on the Asian markets, where reliable information on crypto is scarce, but eventually we aim to be a distinguished, trustworthy source for anyone, anywhere.

Not only do we offer real-time updates on the crypto market, but we also broadcast related news and trends. In the future, we’ll be collaborating with other businesses to run exciting events, so watch this space!

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